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Hundreds of high-quality language tests and oral assessments from various industries


Advanced AI based technology of Computerized Adaptive Testing (CAT)


Two decades of proven FCLS track record in professional language testing and auditing


Constantly growing reach of supported languages targeting the whole world

Start testing now for free!

Professional Language Tests


General language proficiency level according to CEFR standards


Focus on business specific vocabulary in the professional environment

Industry Specific

Wide variety of industry specific vocabulary tests for selected languages

We provide professional language proficiency testing & auditing services for:

International business

Companies hiring multilingual staff

Recruitment industry

Worldwide professional recruitment agencies

Education sector

Educational institutions of all levels, training companies

Public sector

Public offices seeking for multilingual staff


Any person looking for reliable competency testing

What makes our offer so unique?


Our database of questions consists of the highest quality questions created by the best specialists - linguists


Over 20 years of experience in professional language placement tests and oral assessments

Question database size

Probably the largest database of language levelling questions in the world

Unique technology

The only proprietary advanced CAT technology on the market

Self-service platform

We have created the industry's only self-service testing platform working as an online tool

Flexible pricing policy

Monthly billing plans/pay per test or oral assessment/tailor made contract

Adaptive technology – how it works?





The idea of Computerized Adaptive Testing is based on the IRT (Item Response Theory) theory, a theory of response to a task that uses probabilistic mathematical models to express the relationship between responses to given tasks and the level of knowledge of the tested candidate. Observation of the way our respondents answer questions in traditional tests allowed us to create an original algorithm (IRT Engine) that simultaneously analyses answers to subsequent questions.

Advantages of the CAT solution

Almost endless number of possible question combinations

Our tests are never the same. There are over 47 trillion possible test combinations! Thousands of questions and an intelligent question matching mechanism combined with an adaptive algorithm result in countless test versions.

Much shorter test time, over 50% shorter than the traditional one

Each time the system matches subsequent questions based on the answers to the previous ones. The algorithm is able to determine the level more precisely than in traditional tests on the basis of twice as few questions and thus in a much shorter time.

Greater precision in determining partial (half) levels

The system first determines the approximate baseline level, and then proceeds to ask additional questions to be able to precisely define the sub-level. Additionally, the mechanism takes into account the time factor in the final determination of the result.

HR monitoring system

Enrolment support

Audit status

Reports and filtered results

API enhancement

How to start testing?


Select a test

Select an appropriate test from the list. The selected test will be automatically sent to your candidate's email


Select a candidate

You can easily submit one or more candidates for testing; all you need to do is add their names and @ address to the system


Get the results!

As soon as the test is completed, you will receive an @ notification with your candidate's result and competency level

Platform billing plans


Free Trial

  • up to 10 general tests
  • 30+ languages
  • advanced CAT technology
  • CEFR based results



  • up to 100 general tests
  • up to 100 business tests
  • 30+ languages
  • advanced CAT technology
  • CEFR based results



  • up to 500 general tests
  • up to 500 business tests
  • 30+ languages
  • advanced CAT technology
  • CEFR based results
  • 10 oral assessments included

Tailor made contract

  • Full access to the platform testing features

  • Flexible oral audit pricing

  • Company profiled industry specific tests

  • Business English PRO test

  • Company branding

  • Individual billing

  • Complex outsourcing solutions

  • Management and reporting system

  • API enhancement

  • Dedicated support and assistance

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Over 20 years of proven track record in professional language assessments

Created with passion by language experts from



Over 800 experienced teachers and auditors in various languages



Constantly growing portfolio of customers from all around the world



Over 20000 language audits provided to assess precise proficiency

About Us

"Audit interviews follow an adaptive model; the auditor adapts to the candidate's responses by appropriately choosing the topic of the interview, vocabulary, pace of speech, questions and their level."

Language Auditor

"​​Dla naszych bardziej wymagających klientów oferujemy rozwiązanie szyte na miarę, w którym przejmujemy cały proces w modelu outsourcingu. Zapraszamy do kontaktu i omówienia szczegółów.
Wszystko poparte ponad 20-letnim doświadczeniem w przeprowadzaniu audytów językowych."

Business Development Manager

"For over 20 years we have been providing outsourcing services for HR departments in the field of language training, business training and professional language audits. Numerous references (available on request) testify to the satisfaction of a large number of our corporate clients in almost every economic sector. Our goal is to support recruitment and training processes through the highest quality specialized services."

Managing Director

"Our tool is a combination of proprietary adaptive testing technology with a top-quality oral assessment also performed in an adaptive model.
All supported by over 20 years of experience in language audits."

Head Of Methodology

"We offer the only online self-service assessment solution in the subscription model. Our tests are thus very affordable and can be administered without our involvement."

Audit Project Coordinator

Some of our satisfied clients

We provide professional language proficiency service for:

We provide tests in more than 30 languages

  • arab

  • bulgarian

  • croatian

  • czech

  • danish

  • dutch

  • english

  • finnish

  • french

  • german

  • hebrew

  • hindi

  • hungarian

  • italian

  • japanese

  • korean

  • latvian

  • lithuanian

  • mandarin

  • polish

  • portuguese

  • romanian

  • russian

  • serbian

  • slovak

  • slovenian

  • swedish

  • tagalog

  • turkish

  • ukrainian

Your questions answered – FAQs

TEST.IN is the world's first self-service platform in the subscription model for conducting language placement tests. It is a solution that combines advanced and unique CAT adaptive technology, an assortment of several hundreds of top-quality professional tests in 30 languages, using a database of several thousands of questions developed by our specialists.
General, business, specialized and industry specific tests in 30 languages ​​are available on our platform. Using our technology, knowledge, and experience, we can prepare, on an individual order, a professional assessment in any field of expertise in any language. We can also design a test fully adapted to the specifics of your organization.
All you need to do is complete a short registration form, activate your account, select the testees, and type of tests.
Creating an account is free of charge.
Our general tests use advanced adaptive technology coupled with randomization mechanisms. This technology ensures that each test is different. A single test uses only a few percent of the questions available in our database. It is arguably the most extensive question database ever created in the world.
The CEFR scale (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) is an international standard for the description of language competencies used by learners, academic units, and employers to determine the level of proficiency in a foreign language. In November 2001, the European Union Council adopted a resolution recommending the use of the CEFR scale to validate language skills.
The written test result in the CEFR scale appears immediately after it has been taken by the indicated person and is visible in the client's panel on the platform.
The result of the oral test will appear within 24 hours of the candidate taking the test. Our language specialist will then assess the oral level and prepare an audit report which will be available in the client's panel on the platform.
Our tests were created by the best language specialists. Adaptive technology ensures that we get the highest possible precision of results. Our online tests check grammar, vocabulary, and written language skills. To define and accurately describe the general level, which also includes the spoken language, we recommend considering a full audit (available in the PLUS package or as a paid option each time).
We are open to individual negotiations within which we can offer flexible forms of billings and find solutions that best meet our clients' expectations. If you would like to receive an individual cooperation proposal tailored to your organization's needs, write to us, and we will undoubtedly find satisfactory solutions.
Yes, on request, it is possible to obtain a certificate confirming the result and date. Certification is only available for candidates taking the written and oral tests.
Yes, we offer to introduce your company's logo on the report cards and any other individual arrangements for clients who decide on a contract that goes beyond the scope of the monthly packages.
For the proper operation of the TEST.IN platform, we recommend the use of Chrome and Firefox web browsers.
In that case, immediately report it to us via the built-in chat with the candidate's email address, the test will be restarted shortly, and the candidate will be able to retake it again.
All you need to do is select the appropriate option of adding users in the "users" tab and select the appropriate role for the new user – "Testin Account Administrator".

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